Ron Lake – Fine Art Photographer

As an artist, I hold an M.F.A. in Fine Art Photography from Pratt Institute and have been involved in this medium for over 30 years. I am both an instructor of photography and a life long student of the art form. A great connection for me after completing my MFA studies in NYC was the Maine Photographic Workshops where I spent many of my summers in the 90’s and it was there that I found many of my true inspirations. To name a few, I thank Jill Enfield, Christopher James, and Elizabeth Opalenik. These and other individuals from the workshops have inspired me to explore…So down many roads I went.

I am always looking for the cutting edge in technique and technology so no small surprise that during the summer of 2000 while in Provence I found my next new direction. I was introduced to the Iris printing process by the legendary Elizabeth Opalenik. She was doing a workshop that included Infrared (my first real love) and manipulated Polaroids. The workshop was great as Elizabeths’ always are, but it was the enlarged prints from those minute SX-70s that truly changed my world. The real connection for me became Drum scans from Hasselblad with 2¼ film, and the Iris 3047 printer. Since that time, I have been hard at work creating my European portfolio with new editions each year. With this work I combine my passion for the old world landscape, my love of travel, golden-hour light and a digital printing process to make large photographs. All of my portfolios, past and present, showcase innovation but not before the hands of the artist imbibe them with the spirit of being there.

Where next …the Amalfi Coast with Hasselblad in hand, but this time I am on the cutting edge again with a new addition to my camera gear. I am shooting with a 40 MB Leaf/Mamiya digital back with a 3 inch sensor on my Hasselblad 503 CX – all the same old lenses and camera that I am oh so fond of and able to play like a well-used guitar, but with some serious additional  oomph to the resultant image capture in terms of detail and megabytes.

At the time of this writing, the new Amalfi series is out and the images are superb at sizes such as 30×40 with flawless detail, depth of field and color that could only be Amalfi.

Favorite awards, shows and accomplishments are listed below for this most recent decade spanning 2004-2014:

  • New Developments NYC – Louis K Meisel Gallery NYC
  • Art of the Northeast- Abbaye De Senanque mentioned in the New York Times review
  • Spectra,The National Triennial in Photography 2004 – Award recipient for Verso la Ca’Solare
  • The National Prize Show-Mass MOCA Cambridge, MA
  • Mystic Outdoor Art Festival 2005 – Grand Prize – Best in Show
  • Crate & Barrel 2007 – National Distribution – Venetian Bridges Series
  • Photoworks 09 – Juried by Malcolm Daniel Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
  • Thank You Connecticut 2014 – Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery – Featured Artist