NYC Bridges Photography Workshop May 9

Join professional photographers Loren Fisher and Ron Lake as we go on a special urban landscape photographic exploration of five of New York’s magnificent bridges.

It will be a day packed full of fun photo opportunities at little known locations Loren and Ron have discovered and also at some popular spots. You will transported all day in Loren’s 12 passenger Sprinter van, so you don’t need to worry about how to get around. You’ll be taken to the closest possible drop off for each location but there will still be plenty of walking involved.

Our photography will start at the George Washington Bridge at the little known Little Red Lighthouse, which sits right under the bridge. The lighthouse was there 10 years before completion of the bridge and is one of the smaller lighthouses you’ll see at only 40’ tall. Getting there is a bit of a hike but our van will drop you off as close as possible. The area is now a park, although this is a place you might not want to go alone, especially at night.

We’ll hop back in the van and go to the other side of Manhattan to the Queensborough Bridge, which is one of the more striking big bridges with its tan paint that captures the light in unique ways depending on the angle you view it. You’ll be taken to a couple of hidden spots that offer special views of the bridge that most people don’t see.

From there we are off to the Williamsburg Bridge and a lovely park on the Manhattan side. This bridge is a bit more industrial and there are some great places to make graphic shots. We’ll walk under the bridge and get shots of the piers in the water. The tall columns holding up the roadway leading to the bridge are next to tall residential buildings which make for interesting images.

Now we are on to Brooklyn where we’ll go to a spot where you can photograph the Empire State Building framed by one of the Manhattan Bridge towers. It is a fun shot and you have to know the exact spot to be to get the shot. While in DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) we’ll get great shots of the Manhattan Bridge, which was the world’s longest bridge when it was finished in 1909, beating out the Brooklyn Bridge by four feet. There are lots of great angles to shoot it from and you can even get the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan’s tall buildings in the background.

The van will then take you over to the stairs leading to the Brooklyn Bridge and we’ll walk up on it for great shots of the bridge, Manhattan and surrounding area. That will put us right up on the pedestrian area of the bridge. You do need to watch for bicycles if you walk in the bike lane, you’ll get yelled at and clipped if you encroach in their space.

By the time we come down from the bridge, the sun will be setting and we’ll go to a park along the Hudson River to shoot the lights of Manhattan shining as the sky darkens and blue hour sets in. A wide angle shot of the Brooklyn Bridge with a glowing Manhattan in the background is a must for every photographer! What a great way to end the day.

This is a workshop for any level of photographer, even those who prefer shooting with an iPhone! Not only will you be transported to great locations, Loren and Ron will make sure you are getting the best shots possible and help you with any photographic needs.

There are three places where you can join the tour: the Bridgewater, NJ, train station, Penn Station in New York or Grand Central Terminal. Pickups are at 10:30 a.m. in Bridgewater, noon at NYC Penn Station or 12:30 p.m. at Grand Central. Exact locations will be sent after you register.

You will be transported to the great locations so there won’t be a tremendous amount of walking, but you still will need to walk two or three blocks in some locations. Finding public restrooms in New York is always a challenge but I have planned the day so we will be near food and restrooms as often as possible.

For photo equipment you’ll want a wide angle lens and a telephoto as a minimum; a wide angle to telephoto zoom is great to have in the city. You can leave things in the van while you are out at specific locations but you are better off using a small bag or backpack and have your lenses with you. You never know what you will see. A sturdy tripod is a must for dusk shots at the Brooklyn Bridge, Ron and Loren will be shooting with a tripod the entire time. You might want a polarizing filter but you really won’t need any special filters but be sure to have plenty of memory cards and batteries. There will be an inverter in the van so if you bring a battery charger we can probably keep your batteries going.

This is May in the Northeast so it could be chilly, especially after sunset. Bring plenty of layers to keep warm, you can leave extra ones in the van. We’ll be shooting even if we have some rain, so be prepared.

We will moving as a group but you may want to wander away from the group at some locations. There will be meeting times and locations at every stop, it is imperative that you are at the meeting place on time, I won’t hold up the entire group waiting for one person. If you are late and we had to leave, you’ll have to grab a cab to catch up with us. You will be given the cell phone number of myself and Ron so we can always be in touch.

Saturday, May 9
1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Limited to 10 photographers

Premium/Returning clients: $199
Regular registration: $229


Notice of your cancellation must be made in writing, at which time the following refunds are offered:
60 days or more before workshop: Full workshop refund.
59 to 30 days before workshop: 50% of workshop cost. Your payment will be refunded if your spot can be filled.
29 or fewer days before workshop: no refund. Your payment will be refunded if your spot can be filled.

No partial refunds are made for unused portions or services of a workshop. Workshops are sold as a package only.

What else you need to know

Once you register, you will receive a packet of information about the trip. It includes a Liability Release Form that needs to be immediately returned, an Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form and more suggestions for equipment and clothing.

Questions? Email Loren at or call 802-332-6611. 

To register go to my partner’s website at